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Who can help me?

Faculty Student Centre can help or they can direct you to the right people to help solve your problems.

Level 3, FBE, Red Centre

What is myUNSW?
myUNSW is the online administration application for all current students. It has links to the Student Guide, the online handbook and many other UNSW resources and services. Students use myUNSW to update their address details, check results and fee statements, and vary enrolment. Re-enrolling students do all their enrolment via myUNSW.
What is a UniPass, how do I get it?
The UniPass is your Universal Password, used to access myUNSW services such as e-mail, the University Dial-Up Service and the UNSW Library's Electronic Resources.

A UniPass and PIN should have been issued to you when you first enrolled. If you did not obtain one or have lost it, then contact Dis<>Connect.
I am a new student in my first Semester of enrolment. It is before the Census Date and I want to take leave. Is this possible?
A new undergraduate student in their first Semester of enrolment who discontinues before the Census date, but wants to return in the following year, doesn't get granted leave. You will need to apply through UAC for the following year, but you will be guaranteed admission to the same program the following year.

Once a student has completed at least one Semester of study, they can apply for leave. Leave is granted for a period of up to one year ie 2 Semesters. Any request for further periods of leave are only approved in exceptional circumstances.

International Students wanting to apply for leave should consult the Faculty Student Centre.
Advanced standing/exemptions .... how does it appear on my record?
Looking at our academic record on myUNSW, the exempted course should have a T beside it. Do not be concerned if your exemptions take a few weeks to appear on your record, this is quite normal.

Your official transcript will have the name of the course and "exemption" printed next to it.
I am enrolled in a course which had just given me an exemption. Do I need to drop this course, or will it happen automatically?
Yes, you will need to drop this course yourself via myUNSW. You should apply for advanced standing well before the census date in each Semester as you can not drop a course after census date.
Why can't I add/ drop/swap courses when enrolling online on myUNSW?
This could be because:
  • Prerequisites or corequisites have not been met
  • You have no enrolment appointment
  • You are attempting to overload. The maximum load for each semester is 27 units of credit.
  • You have a time conflict with other classes.
  • There are blocks on your records, for example for outstanding fees.
  • You are on probation and you have not yet seen an academic adviser.
What do I do if I am ill and missed classes or am unable to submit pieces of assessment?
You should formally apply for Special Consideration. A detailed explanation of the procedures can be found at:

Special consideration forms must be submitted within 3 days of the date the assessment was due, or the exam held. In all cases you should contact your lecturer to advise them you are seeking special consideration.
What will happen if I have to drop out of uni mid semester due to illness or misadventure?
Students who have to withdraw at any time because of documented illness or misadventure can apply to be discontinued without academic failure. Such applications need to be submitted as soon as you stop attending classes and must be accompanied by supporting medical or other relevant documentation.
When are the Census Dates and what do they mean?
The census dates are very important to remember because they are the dates on which your tuition fees are calculated. This means that you will be financially liable for all the courses you are enrolled in as at these dates.

-- Key Dates at UNSW --
What is the deadline for discontinuing a course without incurring course failure?
The last date for students to withdraw without academic penalty is the end of week eight of Semester. However students will still be financially liable for all courses they are enrolled in as at the relevant census dates. Remember the Census dates are: 31st March for Semester 1 & 31st August for Semester 2.
When are exam timetables released?
Exams are held in June/July and November/December each year. Provisional timetables are posted on University notice boards and the University exams website in May and October - my.unsw.edu.au/student/academiclife/assessment/examinations/
How do I apply for a locker?
Information on the locker booking system is available here:
I am in one FBE program, but I really want to do another. What can I do?
There are no undergraduate internal transfers available. All local students wishing to study a different program should apply through UAC for the following year.

FBE has no mid-year intake in its undergraduate programs. Please consult the UAC guide for application closing dates (the guide is available from newsagents in late August/early September). You will need to complete form B of the UAC guide. International students should complete the International Student transfer form available from NewSouth Q.
How do I contact a Lecturer?
Most lecturers/tutors will provide their contact details during the first week of classes. You should make note of these.

If the lecturer is a full-time member of staff, contact the lecturer directly in his/her office at the times appointed for consultation. The full-time academic staff are listed at /staff/.

For part-time or casual teaching staff, contact the Faculty Student Centre. Student centre either provide contact details or contact them on your behalf.
What is the difference between a course prerequisite and a course corequisite?
A prerequisite must be successfully completed before you can enrol in the course you have selected. A corequisite must be completed during the same semester as the course you have selected OR must be successfully completed before enrolling in the course you have selected.
What is Honours and how is it calculated?
For information on honours and how the honours score is calculated:
FBE Honours
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